About Me

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I'm Jess.

In essence, I'm an animal that thrives on movement, humor, and love. I love to play with other animals, especially my partner and son, from whom I learned so much about how to be safe, happy, and goofy.

I'm also an inconvenient truth-teller, like the child who pointed out that the emperor is not wearing clothes. I say things people don't feel comfortable talking about, yet are often the key to the puzzle.

I'm an existential kinkster, I feast on life's ups and downs, and when things become really hard... I know some part of me is having an orgasm out of that painful situation.

I used to be a good girl, though, and a rat-on-wheel kind of high achiever.

I was a lawyer back in China; I got a Doctorate degree in Law and Anthropology; I founded the first authentic relating platform in China called Circling China; I ran two successful podcasts with more than 10 million views.

Yet these achievements never filled the emptiness in me.

Actually, the more I achieved, the more I felt like an imposter (it's not a feeling by the way, it's layers and layers of suppressed feelings, limiting beliefs, stuck energies, and other fun stuff in our mind and body).

Luckily, when I discovered that what resides in me, besides that achiever, is also a jester, a brat, an animal, a magician, and a sacred slut, I uncovered my superpowers.

I play, I love, I inspire.

Now I'm bringing these superpowers to the individuals and teams I coach. Seeing people smile with relief, nothing can be more satisfying.

Well, maybe except for:

  • Freestyle rapping as my personal way of meditating;
  • Foot bath;
  • r/ Human tippy taps;
  • Drawing with my son's crayons;
  • Farting in front of loved ones;
  • Cuddles, sex, and more cuddles.